Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ten Photographs I Never Knew I'd Take in Norway

1) Abundantly Blue Skies. Like, 12 days of them. Seriously. (Varden overlook, Molde)

2) Naked human body sculptures. (Frogner Park Vigeland Installation, Oslo)

3) Fish eggs packaged as lip gloss. (Fish Market in Bergen)

4) A glacier that had significantly melted since the brochure photo and caption suggesting "Hike on a glacier!" (Briksdal Glacier, Olden)

5) A Norwegian Groom waiting as his Norwegian Bride is photographed on their Wedding Day. (Stavanger, old town)

6) A car stuck to the side of a building. (Stavanger, not-so-old town)

7) A print photograph of reindeer stuck to a utility box with tape. Street art? (Oslo)

8) A tiny starfish in my daughter's hand. (Lysefjord shoreline)

9) Hot, tan beach volleyball players. Really? Yep. (Stavanger, every year, apparently)

10) A selfie with a goat....and not with a hot tan beach volleyballer :( (Flam)

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  1. Thanks for sharing a side of Norway I've never really seen! So beautiful ;)

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    What can you tell me about trips to Namibia and Botswana? gll

    1. Plenty! E-mail me at And search "Namibia" on this blog for some inspiring photos/articles.