Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bhutan on Instagram

Last October my travels took me back to Bhutan, and with iphone in hand, I shared much of the experience on instagram. Here are a few highlights for Instagram Travel Thursday (#IGTravelThursday):

The Scenery

The People

The Art & Architecture

The Textiles

The National Sport

Daily Life


Words: Travel Photography Nirvana - Bhutan
Images: Bhutan gallery
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  1. Great photos! I love how you really showed the character of the place.

  2. Beautiful! That part of the world fascinates me so much!

  3. Wow that's a crazily colourful bunch of pictures - just gorgeous. Bhutan has always intrigued me because of that "Gross National Happiness" stuff - did you get the feeling people are truly happier there?

  4. Fantastic! So very vibrant & colourful-- made my evening :-)

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  6. Great pictures, Bhutan looks really beautiful, beautiful people, beautiful culture.. I wish one day I can visit the country....