Friday, January 31, 2014

Frozen Frames of Surf

While most of the country is frozen in winter weather, I can only complain of cold toes after surfing. So when I agreed to co-host this week's #frifotos on twitter and we selected the theme of "frozen", I accepted the challenge of diving into my photo archives to present images in line with our chosen theme. Fortunately, there will be plenty of snowy and icy shots from around the country (and the world) far more interesting than the few I have. So, as a photographer, and surfer, living in California where it's certainly not frozen, I had to get creative and came up with a different angle. So here I share some moments "frozen" in the surf as captured by the camera.

And a frozen instagram surf selfie...

Do you have freezing weather where you're at? Or a different creative interpretation of frozen? Head over to twitter and share your photos with the hashtag #frifotos all day today, along with my co-hosts: Andrew at @GAdventures, Jonathan at @Epstein Travels, Stephanie at @TravelDesigned and the one and only @CharlesYap. Happy Friday!


  1. Your chosen theme “frozen” is very beautiful and your images are very attractive. I also captured some pictures of frozen Niagara Falls when I was on the bus tours of niagara falls from nyc. it was my first chance to go there and I saw the beauty of frozen Niagara Falls. These were the unforgettable moments for me and I usually recall them when I feel sad.

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