Thursday, November 21, 2013

Geometric Patterns in Art and Architecture

Geometry is a fascinating subject - it can be as simple as a line drawn on paper, or as complex as string theory physics. It's like the "gateway math" for appreciating countless forms of art and architecture.

For this week's #Frifotos on twitter, the theme is #geometric. Oh the possiblities are endless! But for this post, I will keep it simple and showcase two forms of geometry: Plane geometry - flat shapes on a one dimensional surface (Art), and Solid Geometry - three-dimensional shapes (Architecture). Yes, I'm using mathematics as a basis for eye-candy. How better to cultivate inspiration for my 6th-grader to appreciate geometry and math? Enjoy!

Plane Geometry in Art:

Beaded Art of Southern Africa
Geometric patterns in Egyptian Box

Geometric patterns in textiles of Guatemala

Celtic Art of Ireland

Geometric Art in Mexican Tiles

Geometric patterns in textiles of India

Geometric Patterns in Moroccan Tiles

Geometric designs in pottery of Kenya

Geometric patterns in Greek Ceramics

Solid Geometry in Architecture:

Denver Art Museum, USA
Dali Museum, Spain

Step Pyramid of Sakkara, Egypt

Arches of Meknes, Morocco

Spokes of the London Eye, UK

Geometric living spaces in Lille, France

Guggenheim Museum, Spain

Nyatapola Temple, Nepal

And finally, there's that irresistably photogenic place where geometric art adorns geometric architecture (because this post would be lacking without these images):

Islamic detail of mosque in St. Petersburg, Russia

Window of Notre Dame Cathedral, France

Zelij Woodwork Ceiling, Morroco

Geometric Stained Glass Facade of Lille Cathedral, France

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin, Germany

Bhutanese Painted Architecture

Mosaic Arch in St. Petersburg, Russia

Geometric Mosaic Dome of Mosque in St. Petersburg,  Russia

I would be remiss in the subject of geometric architecture if I didn't mention the works of Oscar Niemeyer, whom I've blogged about previously. So I'll finish with a link to my Photographic Tribute to Oscar Niemeyer.

If you're on twitter, be sure to follow me @kymri to see more #geometric images (not included in this post!)


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