Thursday, January 10, 2013

King Tides

When the earth and the sun and the moon align, they cause increased gravitational pull on the Earth's oceans, producing the highest tides of the year. They are called "King Tides". This occurrence also results in some of the lowest tides, so the contrast from high to low to high again can be quite dramatic.

Nothing fancy here as I only used my iphone, but I thought I'd share the "highs and lows" of the day as they occurred at my local beach, Cardiff Seaside.

At High Tide, the ocean surrounds the lifeguard tower

At Low Tide, the sandy beach appears and the reef is exposed

At High Tide, the waves crash right up to this bridge of PCH

At Low Tide, you can walk underneath this same bridge of PCH

And given that it's Friday, and the #frifotos theme on twitter this week is "views", well, this happens to be mine! Happy Friday, and Happy King Tides Weekend!