Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Top 20 + 10 Viewer's Choice of 2010

Thanks to all who have visited Mira Terra Images this year! In this post I present the Top 20 and 10 (Top 30) images of 2010, based on visits and views by YOU, the internet public! What's interesting about this list is that it doesn't reflect the most licensed, sold, or published images; and perhaps it more accurately reflects a list of images which ranked highest in Google search results. Regardless, however it was viewers got here, these were the favorites of 2010, starting at #30:

30 -Husky Kiss

29 - Brazilian Dance Performers - Rio de Janiero, BRAZIL

28 - Roxy Surf Girls - San Diego, California USA

27 - Penguin Kiss - Simons Town, SOUTH AFRICA

26 - Girl with Hat - Bathsheba, BARBADOS

25 - Portofino Coast - Portofino, ITALY

24 - Misty Machu Picchu - PERU

23 - Native American Pueblo - Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

22 - Home on the Amazon - BRAZIL

21 - Dia de los Muertos Skeleton Party - MEXICO

20 - Kinkajou - Golfo Dulce, COSTA RICA

19 - Maasai Boys - Ngorongoro, TANZANIA

18 - Ecuadorian Dolls - Otavalo, ECUADOR

17 - Architectural Detail - Brasilia, BRAZIL

16 - Cheetah Mealtime - Kwandwe, SOUTH AFRICA

15 - Samba Dancer - Rio de Janiero, BRAZIL

14 - Adobe Home - Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

13 - Daily Life on the Amazon - BRAZIL

12 - Mayan Calendar - Antigua, GUATEMALA

11 - Cathedral - Brasilia, BRAZIL


10 - Namaste - Kitipur, NEPAL

9 - Itamaraty Palace Interior - Brasilia, BRAZIL

8 - Snow Bicycle - Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

7 - Peruvian Textiles - Pisaq, PERU

6 - Samba Carnival Dancer - Rio de Janiero, BRAZIL

5 - Fu Dog, Forbidden City - Beijing, CHINA

4 - Lucky Bamboo Christmas Tree - Chonqing, CHINA
(this soared into the Top 10 just this past month - apparently Google's search term "Bamboo Christmas Tree" didn't get many image results)

3 - Itamaraty Palace Staircase - Brasilia BRAZIL

2 - Fu Dog at Forbidden Palace - Beijing, CHINA


1 - Mexican Gray Wolves Mating - Sonora, Arizona USA

Which is your favorite? Please share and comment below! Thanks and have a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Around the Tree and Around the World

This is such an exciting post for me to share for many reasons. First and foremost, I absolutely LOVE the holidays....almost as much as I love traveling! Second, this collection has taken years to accumulate, and I'm thrilled now to have so many regions of the world represented, with many more to go! And being highly sentimental, each ornament has a story and brings a memory.

I have posted previously about my favorite souvenirs to collect while traveling. Well, truth be told, I collect more than textiles. I collect ornaments, too. NO WAIT! Before you imagine a tree covered in tacky plastic Eiffel Towers, Pyramids and snowglobes, hang on. One of the reasons I love textiles is that they are made of natural materials and often by hand in the country of origin. I have the same criteria for my ornament purchases, pretty much. I'll consider anything that is not mass-produced or made of plastic. Ideally, hand-made, hand-painted, ceramic, glass, wood, metal....but most importantly, representative of and made in the country where purchased!

Where to start when you're covering the world? I've decided to break it out by continental regions, and here I've created mini slideshows for each one. I hope you enjoy your trip around my tree...and around the world!


(includes ornaments from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, and Morocco)

Africa Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


(includes ornaments from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand)

Asia Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


(includes ornaments from Italy, Russia, Spain, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic)

Europe Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


(includes ornaments from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil)

South America Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


(includes ornaments from Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, St. Martin, Netherland Antilles, St. James, USVI)

Mexico/Central America/Caribbean Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


(includes Christmas ornaments from Canada and the United States)

North American Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Twelve Lights of Christmas

This is a re-post from last December, back by popular demand! I wanted to share the fun and enjoyment of a visit to Walt Disney World in December. It would have been too easy to post a bunch of pretty holiday light pictures, so I gave myself a challenge. Featuring the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights in photos, I present here...


On the 12th Day of Christmas, the Osbornes lit for me...

12 Angels Spinning

11 Red Lights Blinking

10 Pretty Windows

9 Toy Soldiers

8 Reindeers Flying

7 Angels Flapping

6 Golden Arches (no, not those ones)

5 Car-o-lers

4 Halos'n'Wings

3 Shooting Stars

2 Mischievious Elves

And a PEACE ON EARTH message to ALL!

Happy Christmas, Hannukah, Muharram, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Whatever-it-is-ious to all of you, all over our beautiful planet, from Mira Terra Images!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clams & Cockles of Chile - Puerto Montt

There's more to picturesque Puerto Montt than brightly colored boats decorating quiet little harbors. A closer look reveals people living and working on and around those boats, so I decided to follow along with my lens and see what life was all about for these people.

Clams. That's right. Clams. And Cockles too. Mussels, scallops, urchins, and a few other crustaceans were evident, as were freshly caught Congrio and Salmon. But mostly, for the purpose of this post anyway, it's all about the clams. And cockles.

Basically they'll come off the boat carrying a big load on their back, then they take it right into the market where it is put out for sale. It really doesn't get any fresher than that, does it?

At some point along the way, some lucky clams and mussels get picked to be dried and smoked for later consumption. As I wandered the market stalls, I nearly tripped over this lonely little hot smoking pot next to a stand - whether or not it actually has anything to do with the smoking process or if it just stood as a foot warmer, I really don't know - but if you do, please share in a comment!

Ultimately, the dried molluscs are strung and hung like garlands throughout the market street. Although I didn't have a taste, I certainly thought they made worthy eye-candy for the lens!


Chile Gallery

Visit Puerto Montt with Travcoa

Hope your eyes enjoyed a taste of southern Chile! This post has joined the gang of food-related posts over at Wanderfood Wednesday, check them out! And if you missed that, it's also posted over at Delicious Baby's Photo Friday!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Beyond Rio....a look at the favelas

Most visitors to Rio do their sightseeing by checking out views from Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, or the deck of their hotel overlooking Copacabana or Ipanema Beaches. Well that's all fine and good, but did you know that some of the best view properties in Rio are rarely visited at all by camera-toting tourists? What are those brightly colored buildings clinging precariously to the hillsides, anyway? Aren't they the slums - the favelas? Aren't they ridden with crime and poverty and machine guns and drug lords?
Actually, favelas are neighborhoods with people and kids and schools and stores and restaurants and businesses, much like any other neighborhoods. Sure, they have a crime-ridden reputation which is based partly in fact, but which is widely exagerated by films and media. Yes, they can be dangerous, and you wouldn't want to go wandering into a favela on your own. But if you so desire to see "the other side of Rio", then book a favela visit with an experienced and reputable outfit, such as Marcelo Armstrong's Favela Tour.

Of course, there are the views of Rio you don't get elsewhere.

But the best experience is to wander through the streets and alleys and get a glimpse of every day life in a favela. I did just that, and was charmed by the colorful buildings and people who make the favelas their home.

For more:

Feathers and Food (Rio and Carnival)

Favela Photo Gallery

Brazil Photo Gallery

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall in Japan: Food, Festivals, and Foliage

The fall season is evident everywhere in Japan, so here I've picked three elements and three places to experience them.

FOOD - Tokyo

For the Japanese, food presentation is as important as quality and taste, and everything looks so incredibly good! Here are some tasty pictures from the food halls in the basement floors of Tokyo Department stores, where presentation is everything, and everything is presented in the seasonal theme: AUTUMN.

FESTIVALS - Kurashiki

This festival just seemed to spring up out spontaneously out of nowhere, and the whole town poured out to participate.


Where else but Nikko National Park to capture the colorful changing of leaves in Japan? I imagine this place is beautiful any time of year, but to catch the fall foliage was an incredible treat for my senses!

Fall Foliage in Nikko - Images by Kymri Wilt

This feature has been posted to WanderFood Wednesday, where you will find more tasty links and blogs featuring food!