Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kid + Camera = Aquarium Fun!

Cape Town, South Africa boasts a great attraction for kids and cameras - the Two Oceans Aquarium located right at the Waterfront. For this week's "Kids Around the World" post, once again, I feature my own kid as she follows in my footsteps...rather, I follow in hers!

My shot:

Her shot:

My Shot:

Her Shot:

She takes great video too!

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  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Wow! You have quite the budding photographer there. Great composition.

  2. Her pictures are fantastic! My kids are a bit younger but I have started giving them a disposable camera when we travel. They have gotten some great shots!

  3. She knows what she's doing. Kids have a better sense then adults I think, their minds are not filled with clutter so they see images much clearer.

  4. What a great concept - the behind the scenes and the end result!

  5. What an excellent way to foster creativity! Assuming your daughter is shooting digital... I love the fact that digital photography has made the art so accessible to everyone, since there's no expensive development involved.

  6. Wow--your daughter has a great eye for photos. Thanks for sharing!