Friday, July 31, 2009

Kids Around the World: and speaking of puppies....

This is one of my long-standing favorites: A scene of the market in Chichicastengango, Guatemala. A woman sells puppies from a basket, while a young girl looks on longingly.

Happy Photo Friday Delicious Baby peeps!

And speaking of puppies....I've added a 3 1/2 minute video to the previous post below. Check it out!!!


  1. kymri - what beautiful colors. you've captured the essence of humanity. brava!

  2. Gorgeous! The colors on the woman's and child's clothes make it. The expression on the woman's face is revealing.

  3. Hey, chichi sells a lot more than puppies, i don't even want to talk about what animals people sell there, puppies are the best I'd seen so far!

  4. As Jessie says, I loved the colors! Street scenes like this always make me want to travel somewhere exotic :)