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Road Trips for Dogs - Join Lexus, Sleepypod and A Girls Guide to Cars to learn about Pet Travel Safety

Disclosure: This paid post is part of a pet safety campaign sponsored by Lexus. Wait! I know, you can find blogs with ads and sponsored content everywhere; but here, you're MY readers, and I respect you. My blog is about storytelling with words and images. So the story comes first. If you're just looking for the event details and the contest raffle widget to enter for FREE PRIZES, scroll down, it's all here!

Story: A Dog's Bucketlist

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Not all dogs ride the same: Jambo preferred the window while Java focuses on the road ahead.

When our senior dog Jambo turned 15, we sat down to review his bucket list. It read:

✅  Beach
✅  Beach
✅  Beach
✅  Beach
⏹  Grand Canyon
✅  Beach
✅  Beach

Much to our surprise, Jambo had big dreams of seeing the Grand Canyon! Perhaps he got the idea from a nature special we'd watched, or maybe he'd heard there were squirrels. In any event, we knew that 15 was a special age for our dog and decided it was time to take Jambo, and our second younger rescue dog Java, to the Grand Canyon. We packed up the station wagon and headed out.

Now 'ole Jambo, he loved a good road trip.  For the most part, he traveled well. An "Australian Shepherd Mix," he would instinctively pop up and pace whenever we passed a field of cows.  Java, on the other hand, was (and still is) an extremely nervous back seat passenger. However, her anxiety is quelled whenever she gets to ride "shotgun" next to the driver.  For some reason, she's focused and quiet only in the front seat. But unless it's just the two of us in the car, this rarely ever happens. And when it does,  I think she's just studying so she can someday steal the key and drive herself.

Don't be fooled - Java is anxious and restless from the back seat, making for distracted driving!

Java is only calm in the front passenger seat - also a distraction if not safely harnessed.

Jambo made it to his 17th birthday, with all his bucketlist dreams fulfilled. What has your dog knocked of their bucket list?

-end (of story)

Meet Bo!

Now we have adopted a new pup into the family, his name is Bo (short for Bodhi, Botus, Beauregard, BoBo, etc). Luckily Bo does not suffer from car anxiety, and is pretty chill about everything else, too. So Bo will be helping me co-host the upcoming Pet Safety event on November 4. He's looking forward to his debut live-streamed appearance, and we're busy working on his formal "Bo" tie, because he's fancy like that. And, you know, it's Lexus.

And Now, A Few Words From/About Our Sponsors

The 2019 Lexus ES for road tripping luxury and safety. Photo courtesy of Lexus.

Hey, it's pretty fabulous that Lexus truly cares about pet travel safety, so much that they're hosting Kars 'n K9s event at Lexus of Carlsbad!  With leashed dogs, we'll watch Sleepypod representative Nicole Ellis demonstrate safe pet restraints in some brand new 2019 models Lexus ES, LS, and RX L.

Sleepypod Car Restraints are crash tested for safety. Photo courtesy of Sleepypod.

Representatives from SPOT will be on hand to talk about how you can help local homeless pets by volunteering, fostering, or adopting. And there's more! Food for people, treats for dogs from Carlsbad Pet and Feed, and a prize giveaway!

RSVP and Enter to Win!

We hope you can join us, Bo wants to meet as many new friends as possible!
Please RSVP here.

If you can't join us live, all #LexusPetSafety events will be shared on live stream on A Girls Guide to Cars Facebook Live and other channels; Follow #LexusPetSafety on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and check the Facebook pages of Lexus Carlsbad and A Girls Guide to Cars for updates!

Finally, be sure to enter our Giveaway!

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Contest rules: Entries must be completed by 2PM Pacific November 4th,
2018. No purchase necessary; contest open only to US residents 18 years
old or older and subject to the laws of the state of California. Winner will be
chosen by random drawing from qualified entires and verified by A Girls
Guide to Cars; winner will be notified by email no later than November 6th,
2018. Prize will be delivered to the winner by A Girls Guide to Cars
representative in person on November 4th, 2018 or delivered by USPS to a
valid US address; prizes cannot be shipped to a P.O. box. Winners may be
asked to provide identification to receive their prize. Prize valued at $200,
not exchangeable for cash or other items. Contest is administered by and
prizes awarded by A Girls Guide to Cars, which assumes no liability for the
administration of this contest. Lexus Carlsbad, Sleepypod, Lexus, SPOT,
Carlsbad Pet & Feed and all other event partners assume no responsibility or
liability for the administration of this contest. A total of 1 grand prize will be

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Announcing blog re-design and re-launch coming SOON!

Between traveling and editing, find me in the water!

Thank you for visiting, I'm still here! 

I know it's been quiet around here, but I've been busy as ever editing lots of photos and writing lots of articles. I'm excited to announce my blog re-launch is just a few weeks away!

I have plenty of newsworthy travels to share. But I'm waiting to post my new content once my blog re-design officially debuts this fall. So please, stay tuned! I'll have two new installments of "Road Trips for Cameras;" a thrilling recount of surviving a typhoon in Fiji; some close encounters with bears in Alaska and Wyoming; tips for digital nomads w/cameras; New Mexico with new eyes; favorite camera and travel gear; and so much more.

Meanwhile, you can always catch my latest at:

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Happy shooting at Silver Creek Nature Preserve, Idaho!

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Hold This Space! Hiatus is Over!

Overlooking the Bay of Les Saintes, Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean. Photo credit: Kymri Wilt

Dear friends and followers of Mira Terra Travels,

Hello again! I'm back for an update.

When my blog turned 10 years old in 2016, I decided to take a one-year hiatus. I discovered that I had a "knock off" copycat blogger based in China, who bought a domain name which was one letter off (minus the "s"), and much of my traffic was being re-directed there. No, that single webpage you might have found advertising a camera/brand is not ME! Don't even go there.

Though I stepped back from my own blog, I continued to write, blog and photograph for other websites (check out A Girls Guide to Cars) and print publications:

Published photography in Outside Magazine (above), World Wildlife Fund catalog (below)

Essentially, this post you are looking at now is a placeholder, keeping my space and presence on the web. While you're here, dive in and explore my archives of travel features. You might find a treasure!

Now this year (2018), I have begun the process of re-branding and re-designing my travel/photography blog for a whole new look and feel, and will be migrating select content over to a new host, along with plenty of beautiful new photos and exciting travel features. So stay tuned!

Grizzly sow and cubs at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska. Photo credit: Kymri Wilt

Meanwhile, please feel free to connect and follow me at the following:

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I've got some exciting travels coming up soon (Fiji! Chicago! Yellowstone National Park! ), and I look forward to sharing all about them with you when my new blog debuts!

Peace & Pleasant Journeys,